Business contents

Maintenance services of Automatic Colorant Dispensing System

We develop, produce and do maintenance of Automatic Colorant Dispensing System from the laboratory to the site that corresponds to every scale (mg ~ several hundred kg).

AK-mini(mini Turntable Specifications)
AUPET(Automatic Dye Stock Preparation System)

Maintenance services of peripheral equipment for Automatic Colorant Dispensing System

We do maintenance of various equipments that are used in dyeing laboratory.

AUMIXER(High-Speed Color Paste Mixer for Textile Printing)
SD(Test Dyeing Equipment)
SDjr(Test Dyeing Equipment)

Maintenance services of Colorimeter(Spectrophotometer)

Including the Colorimeter that are made by Kurabo and other companies, we provide meticulous on-site maintenance services.


Maintenance services of AUCOLOR(Computer Color Matching Systems)

Staffs with extensive experiences will support the systems which meet the needs of site of each business.

  • AUCOLOR-TX8(Textuke Dyeing)
  • AUCOLOR-OF7(Offset Printing and Label Printing)
  • AUCOLOR-VP7(Plastics)
  • AUCOLOR-GR7(Photogravure and Flexographic Printing)
  • AUCOLOR-PN8(Paints and Opaque Ink)

Maintenance services of Mixing/Deaeration Systems

We do send-back maintenance(or on-site if you request) from small to large machines.

KK-400W(Planetary Mixing/Deaeratin Systems)
KK-V1000(Vacuum Type Planetary Mixing/Deaeratin Systems)
BN(Continuous Deaerator)

Maintenance services of Large Format Color Copy System

We do telephone support for scanner body, control PC maintenance and inquiry to support center.

Companion (color) scanners

Maintenance services of Plate-Making

We do maintenance of high-performance automated equipment of Plate-Making site.

DLE Compact (Digital Direct Plate-making Equipment)
Automatic Developing Tower (Screen Development Machine)

Maintenance services of Color Image Analysis and Inspection Systems

We provide installation , adjustment and maintenance service of Color Image Analysis and Inspection Systems made by Kurabo.

Can Seam Defect Inspection System
Can Buckling Inspection System
Line Colorimeter

Maintenance services of Chemical Concentration Measurement and Infrared THickness/Moisture Meters

We provide installation, adjustment and maintenance service of Chemical Concentration Measurement and Infrared film thickness/Moisture Meters system made by Kurabo.

Infrared THickness
On-line System(Infrared THickness)
Chemical Concentration Measurement

Maintenance services of Bio-related equipment

We do maintenance of automated nuclei acid separation equipment which are used in University & various laboratories.